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 TUTORIAL - Forum News Feed

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PostSubject: TUTORIAL - Forum News Feed   Mon Jun 30, 2014 7:45 am

Hey guys, so today i will make a tutorial about how to make a forum news feed on your phone. (Android only sorry)

Before we get started, we will need few things:
- An android phone
- A working internet
- Glass Widget app (or any RSS app)

1. First, go to your widget home screen, find the glass widget app. Should look like this

2. Drag the "Glass News" widget to anywhere in your home screen. Should look like this

Then press the gear button on the left upper corner.

3. Now, choose News, then News Feed. Should look like this

4. Press "Add Custom RSS Feed"
Label: You can write anything here
URL: Fill in "http://blackrevenge-forum.niceboard.com/feed/

5. Then, you can now press the custom RSS you just made.

6. Go back to your home screen, now wait few second until the Glass News widget refresh the RSS feed.

Congrats, now you can see the latest news from your phone

You can also use any RSS app by just filling the forum RSS feed


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TUTORIAL - Forum News Feed
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