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 What happened afterwards...

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PostSubject: What happened afterwards...   Tue Mar 04, 2014 9:22 pm

Ok, I've done some thinking, and I have a theory what happened to Grove Street Families after San Andreas finished. Some of you may not know, but in GTA V, Grove Street is now Ballas theory for God knows why, and it looks fucked up. Like it's under construction or something. That doesn't make any sense, especially because when Toreno busted Sweet outta jail, CJ & his brutha went apeshit on South Central Los Santos and took back Grove, and territories around them. Years passed by, and pooh ! Families are now pussies, sticking by their side, like Lamar told us in the game.

Check out the Grove.

Alrighty, tell me your theories what happened to the Grove Street Families, Families Rambo called CJ and his lemon headed brother.


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What happened afterwards...
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