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 Your Favorite Skin

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Gangsta Member

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PostSubject: Re: Your Favorite Skin   Thu Feb 13, 2014 9:20 pm

Are you thinking about joining some other clan:(yes or no) Yes

What is your name in game:david_stojanov

What does BR mean:Black Revenge

Name At least 3 BR members:[BR]Hunter92,[BR]Killabee,[BR]Wes

Name at Least 3 Server admins:[BR]Wes.[BR]Killabee,[BR]Faqahat

How old are you:16 years

What is Your Gender ? [Male , Female]?male

Why do you want to join BR clan [ 50 Words at least] :Beacuse there a have frends and they invite me

why Do you think we will accept you ? [ 50 Words at Least] :Beacuse i tink they will

How did you Found Our server? :I founf it when i stat playing samp

Tell some BR rules:

Do you Have skype ? [Username if yes] : david.stojanov20

Will You able To use Skype ? : To talk whit frends

Where are you from? :Macedonija

What do you do if you saw a Hacker and Admins are Offline ? :Ill tell admins to bann him

What's your daily activity on the server [Per Day] :Killing peoples

What do You do if you saw a Server hacker ? : Tell admins

Complete The Sentence Below :

1) You are not alowed_____ To Cheat/Hack

2) Three Foxesare ____ Missing from the Zoo Exhibit

3) You have to Follow the Serverrules ____ to Not get Banned

Which languages can you speak?:

Did you ever get banned from server if did tell us the reason:no

Please tell us your in game stats: (Kills/deaths/K/D ratio/playing time) [/stats](show us a SS)

Please show the best spree you got in the server(minimum should be 40kills):15 spree in row

Please show that you defeated a tester in duel (JAY OR THE_PRANESH):The Pranesh

Also If accepted you will be on a 1 month Probation trial if you mess up anytime during that 1 month you will be kicked out and most important thing you should not be a micro smg/uzi user
do you understand the agreement [Yes , No]?NO

Rate Yourself

Walking Weapon
SMG:-10__ /10
Desert Eagle:-__ /10
Combat shotgun:-4__ /10
Shotgun:-0__ /10
Sniper:-10__ /10

C Bug :0- /10
2 Shots :5- /10
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Your Favorite Skin
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