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 Tutorial for lag

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PostSubject: Tutorial for lag   Fri Oct 18, 2013 1:01 pm

Hello people , i go did a tutorial for the lag , cause i see much guys crying about it . ok lets go :
1st : Download the files at this adress:
mediafire.com download/8t78s8aikzkcx97/SAStreamMemFix+V3.rar
Save your orignal files in a new folder . when the download finish , extract files to the gta-sa folder , like c:/programfiles/rockstargames/gtasa .
2nd : Go on mydocuments/gta san andreas user files/SAMP open the files named "sa-mp.cfg" with blocnote or wordpad , change at the line fpslimit delete 35 and whrite 90. after it in the game do on avanced setting and set the fpslimiter off , antialising too if is on . "
3rd : That one are just if u see no change , its a software who close all other soft you dont need to play in game , so open it when u go to play , and that give all capacity of your conputer for the game. u can get this one free at this adress http://www.commentcamarche.net/download/telecharger-34076480-game-booster .

Ok now i think you dont get lag , or if u have a computer not perfomant u get maybe lag little , and if you dont want lag so just go again on the advanced setting on the game and do the draw distance off , and play at 800x600x16 resolution , yeah i know its suck but if u dont want play a this resolution so buy another computer Smile.
(and sorry for my english Smile)
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Tutorial for lag
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