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 whats important at a BR apply? TIPS

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PostSubject: whats important at a BR apply? TIPS   Tue Sep 10, 2013 5:25 pm

I see a lot of real bad BR applications and I think this might come handy for people who want to join our clan!

so please read this carefuly:

Always make your application in the section ''join application'' otherwise it will be automaticly denied!

getting accepted, what we look at:

50% skill (dont use uzi, try to C-bug, win duels, own nabs and pros)
20% stats (a minimum of +/- 500 kills and a ratio of +/- 2.00, +/- 20 hours play time)
15% a good BR apply (awser the questions in full sentences)
5% proper english (if you dont speak english very well try to improve the basics)

If you have a problem with any of these its not a problem but try to aim for 80%

the important elements of a BR apply should look look like this:

Name At least 3 BR members: at least 3 (the more the better)

Name at Least 3 Server admins: at least 3 (the more the better)

Why do you want to join BR clan [ 50 Words at least] : 50 words NOT LESS!

why Do you think we will accept you ? [ 50 Words at Least] : 50 words NOT LESS!

Tell some BR rules: 7 or more, not copied of the rules page!

What do you do if you saw a Hacker and Admins are Offline ? : discribe in aprox 20 words

What do You do if you saw a Server hacker ? : discribe in aprox 20 words

Which languages can you speak?: if you know 3 words spanish dont write down spanish -__-

Please tell us your in game stats: (Kills/deaths/K/D ratio/playing time) [/stats](show us a SS)

without the screenshot we have nothing so always paste it

Rate Yourself

Walking Weapon
SMG:-__ /10
Desert Eagle:-__ /10
Combat shotgun:-__ /10
Shotgun:-__ /10
Sniper:-__ /10

C Bug :- /10
2 Shots :- /10 Be honest!

good luck with you apply!

if this could become sticked, that would be great!
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whats important at a BR apply? TIPS
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