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 _______ |In-Game Rules And Regulations|_______

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PostSubject: _______ |In-Game Rules And Regulations|_______    Tue Aug 28, 2012 9:28 am

los santos street wars
dont car kill
do not abuse the game script esspeccially cookie system
click to find out how to be admin
do not disturb admins on duty
drive by can cuase jail or kick
hacking is strickly  prohibited and ban is irreversable
do not repeat your self and do not flood
never humilate any player or admin
use support command instead of asking in the mainchat
spawnkill is prohibited
quitting serevr to avoid death means you are banned
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In order to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy our awesome server in the way they should be, a number of rules are in place that you must follow.

1. - No insulting other players. Racism and other vulgar remarks will not be tolerated!

2. - Do not insult the admins or any members of the staff team, they are easy to identify as when they are on duty you will their name orange on the sa-mp names list.
Administrators with orange names are doing their job, do not disturb them, assault them they are working hard so that you can enjoy the best experience in-game,
They're here to help you!

3. - Do not bug/stalk or harass the Admin team while on duty.

4. - Do not flood or spam in the chat or cmds.

5. - Do not Spawn-kill players, let the player have time to spawn and defend himself.

6. - Do not ban evade or you will be banned again or even range banned.
(Solution : Make a ban appeal here on our forums.)

7. - Do not Car-ram, Heli-kill or Driver drive-by can be both parking a vehicle on top of another player & shooting with a weapon from the driver's seat.
Neither are allowed on this server and will be punished strictly.

Jail Time.
Or a Warning  (3 Warnings = Kick)

8. - Report any hackers that you see on our server. If there is no admin on-line, please take screenshots/videos record them and post them here on forums, and we will get them out as soon as we can.

9. - Do not advertise other servers, and do not speak about them
Advertising any other server will result in a direct ban by our administrators.

10. - Do not insult other player on the main chat or either via pm's have fun insted!
Do not provoke each others, this is highly annoying and will be punished by our administration. This counts for annoying provocative 'jokes' too.

11. - Insulting or flaming is not permitted, Respect each other!
insulting and or flaming is not allowed, found doing so will be punished, it does not matter if someone flames you and there we're no admins on-line, flaming will be punished.  

12. - Do not flood/spam reports.
Do not flood our administrators with reports, they're busy responding on them. But if there are a few reports they cannot handle all at once

13. Do not use third party modifications.

The rule on this is very strict.
Usually third party modifications gives a person an advantage over other players which isn't fair.

Bottom line is, you need to know exactly what you're doing before installing skin mods to make sure they comply with this rule. Failure to do so puts you at liability if you are discovered to be using something that may be used for personal gain.

If you know of someone that is using a mod or a hack, then you MUST inform an administrator. Failing to do so may result in you being banned for harbouring a hacker.


   Cam Hack
   Health hacks.
   And others.

14. - Staff Abuse: You are not to abuse, harass, threaten, or try to intimidate any staff member.
Our staff is 100% volunteer and do not need to put up with your abuse, if you have a problem with a staff members decision or conduct submit the evidence via the forums.

15. - Do not suicide, quit or force time-out to avoid death.

It is not acceptable under any circumstances to use /kill or /q to avoid death. Forcing a time-out is considered abuse and may be a strict punishment/banable offence. In addition, once you are killed you may not use any method whatsoever to avoid the kill list. This is also abuse and will not be tolerated.

16. - No pausing in combat/turf | Pausing in combat is not allowed, if you wish to go AFK, pause somewhere you are not likely to be seen. [AFK for long period of time,results in a automatic kick from the server.] If you are pausing on purpose to avoid death it will lead to a strict Punishment.

17. - No impersonating | Joining the game pretending to be someone you are not is not allowed. [e.g. Login on admin names and clan members names etc will result in a ban from the server.]

18. - Do not abuse any script, report them to the developers! Do not abuse scripts, found doing so will result in a punishment. Always report them to a developer, even if its a small one!

19. - Do not ask for admin ranks.

20. - No political or religious discussions in-game.
      Put simply, this isn't a political/religious server. If you are in need of a good argument with someone then there  are plenty of other servers specializing in this elsewhere maybe.

21. - Do not trick players into typing the /q command.

22. Do not post offensive content on any of our services. Offensive content includes any content likely to offend people based on their race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation | Do NOT post links that are non-related to lssw. Such as Pornography links,Graphic Content or any such type of links. If caught doing so will lead you in a punishment or ban from the server.

Written by: [GPB]TriniBoyRyan - LSSW Staff
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PostSubject: Re: _______ |In-Game Rules And Regulations|_______    Tue Jan 13, 2015 10:29 pm


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_______ |In-Game Rules And Regulations|_______
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