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 Level 1 Admin Guide...

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PostSubject: Level 1 Admin Guide...   Fri Sep 09, 2011 6:14 pm

This is guide for level 1 admins or any new admin:

You can call this a tutorial for new admins and level 1 admins. Basically here i will give new admins some tips so they don't get fired quickly....

Lets start with basics like Don't abuse your admin commands, this means that don't keep doing /goto to people, don't keep spawning admin cars, don't get admin weapons etc..

Oh and about hacking keep going /getinfo and /lspec on players to check if they are hacking or not, because they can be hacking at any time.

That's all for now, but i will keep updating when i get more ideas.. Have Fun Wink
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Level 1 Admin Guide...
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