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 What Is The Server About???? Here is the answer.

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PostSubject: What Is The Server About???? Here is the answer.   Fri Sep 09, 2011 5:49 pm

Many people will go like "what do i do here?", "im bored i dont know what to do" and so on so i will answer all the questions here. So this server is a Mafia Wars server, before you spawn it asks you to choose your character and when you choose your character some text goes on the character your on and gives a weird name, that weird name is the name of the Mafia Gang that character is in. So when your done choosing your character you spawn and you will find cars and bikes around you to choose from. So basically you just have to take a car/bike or whatever you want and go to another player (but make sure he is in another team that's not yours, to know that he will just be a different color) and start killing him. When you kill another player you get score and money. So start killing and have fun Wink
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What Is The Server About???? Here is the answer.
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